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Evo Full Roster
Now this is the full roster for my league there are quite the amount of characters. Now let me get this out now I will not have an image for every fight only for the ones that I want because that is insane. For the fights with no images I will have a story going with it. please bear with me. I may have messed up some of their names forgive me on that. Also I put characters where I please so that they could meet my standards league wise not me hating on them. Trust me you can tell which are my OC and yes they have last names but thats in their bio.
Light weight
Name                     Anime/game
Lucy heartfilia       Fairy Tail
Yoko Littner           Gurren Laggan
Sakura Haruno       Naruto
Rainbow dash        MLP
Hinata Hyuga         Naruto
Nami                       One piece
Lightning F
:icongogoat43:GoGoat43 8 5
Evo Fighting League
MMA fighting league
Ok first off before I explain what this is about I need to say something first. This is my story so don’t be like “that’s not real or realistic. Ok so My story is that my league is the most popular fighting league in the world the name of it is EVO for evolution and the meaning is that every ethnic group is allowed in the league the same for any discipline, basically the evolution as people . Now all the fighters are female because I want them to be and before you say anything I’m also a female. That should be it now let us actually talk about the league
The weight classes are
Lightweight: 110 lbs
Welterweight: 145 lbs
Middleweight: 170 lbs
Heavyweight: 195 lbs (may change as time goes on but nothing drastic)
Now the way I’m going the run this is simple
*I will have fighters from different weight classes fighting because there is a league title like WWE
*there will be story arcs involving different characters
*This league will have spe
:icongogoat43:GoGoat43 6 7


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Should I make a jobber type oc? If not what type of character should I make


Lena vs Eiko
I know most of you have seen the ocworldtour-nament.deviantart.… as you may or may not know I had 2 ocs in the tournament. Skylar sadly didn't win her match. Now here we have Lena vs Eiko, Eiko is putting up a good fight. 

This was drawn by :iconbutcherstudios:

Eiko © :iconbutcherstudios:
Lena © :icongogoat43:
Amelia Connor
Name:Amelia Conner. Eye color: Brown
Weight:Heavyweight. Hair color: Black
Height:6’6 Birthplace: South Africa

Personality: Amelia is full of hubris because of her muscular physique but She can be competitive or overzealous. She had shown to be violent and sometimes enjoy people in pain.

Backstory: Amelia as a kid was born in a mediocre village. Her father passed away due to an unknown illness. Amelia loved fighting she was always a scrapper. As a kid Amelia has always had too take long trips just to get water and such. Now on her way to get water there’d be ruffians of sorts, the first time she was beaten horribly being severely outnumbered. Those beatings motivated her to get stronger much stronger. Her mother was a jack of all trades as a way to bring in money, so she helped her daughter work out. One day she beat the kids but one of them had a concealed weapon, a knife which they used to stab her in her midsection. It almost killed Amelia, luckily it did not. One would think that this would traumatize a child on the contrary it motivated her to be the strongest.

When she was 14 her village had an amateur league for fighters In the network of villages they had it mixed both males and females. Her first match didn't go so well. She got creamed not even one hit landed. It was ended with a swift kick to her head. You'd think her first lost being this devastating she'd give up and only spectate. On the contrary her mother came in to help her. Amelia watched the fights to get an Idea of what to do. Now when her next few matches came up let's just say she was an easy contender for the champion. Sadly when she was in her title match she couldn't come out with the victory. The champ caught her with a cross counter. She was apart of the league for about a year. She was getting money from her job at the time, and her mom. The Village was eventually able to pay for a gym and a world class teacher. The instructor told Amelia her build would be suited for boxing, so she specialized in that for some time she also picked a favorite boxer being Ann Wolfe. Although she was one of the best boxers in the gym she was one of the worst fighters. Let me explain in a boxing setting she’d bully he opponent with her sheer size and attack power.  But in the moment she stepped foot in a match where any style is accepted. (Remember the gym isn’t specialized in boxing more so in all-around styles like jiu-jitsu and it’s brazilian cousin of the same name or Krav maga) She’d struggle immensely mind you it was not because she was bad she won her fair share of matches impressively. When Amelia won it’d be a dominating performance. Amelia lost because her kicks along with her speed and ground game were atrocious. Granted for someone her size at that age her punches strength and speed with her rushdown was brillaint. Amelia would look for her first job at the age of 20 were she would assist people in safari’s. Now at this point Amelia was super strong so when an angry Lion decided to look at the people in the Safari as dinner Amelia needed act so she fought the Lion. She nearly died but her strikes proved enough to take the Lion out of Commission. She took the time to have the lion skinned and now whenever she's going to an important match she wears the Lion proudly. She eventually dropped the job because to her it seemed to civilian. Her next occupation was her being a professional boxer, she actually became one the BEST boxers in Africas. Now moving ahead Amelia decided to fight around Africa gaining her the name Lion-King. She was fully intent on staying in Africa fighting but she began talking to Evo to get a contract because her mother was a good friend of Lena’s who actually beat her in her one match with Evo. So she wanted Amelia to be in Evo as a challenge for her

If anything she is by far the “strongest” fighter in the league and only in that aspect not in speed or grappling and such
P.s Amelia even now goes to fights lions every now and then
(Hey guys I'm not dead I'm rushing to have this out cuz I'm at the movies now also as you can see I had some fun with this bio)

Should I make a jobber type oc? If not what type of character should I make
Rivers of Pain
Here we have a picture drawn by :iconpugilismx: on his Patreon, this time I partnered up with :iconjadeowl: and got this fight scene, featuring my OC Eve Rios and his OC Katya.

Katya thought this fight would be easy money, little did she know her opponent was quite the fighter. Early in the fight the "Killer" was becoming enraged because of Eve's lead in the fight. Ultimately a thunderous kick put the killer to rest.

Katya Cooper © :iconjadeowl:
Eve Rios © :icongogoat43:

See guys I'm not dead hope you like this, if this does really well I'll upload a new oc today. Also there is a joke in the title

Eve: I had so much fun!! in that fight kinda feel bad I had to K.O her like that. I wanna do it again :( .....I don't mean knocking out Katya I mean fighting.

What other countries should be represented in Evo? In form of an oc


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